Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feeding apple pies? To whales? What?

Ok, let me explain.

Remember in our meeting when we said what a good idea it was to start a blog so we could talk and think and then talk some more?

Maybe it's better if I show you what I mean:

go here and watch THIS

just a note: once I get home, this blog will become pretty and the above link will actually BE A LINK. Just sayin'.

Update: DONE!


  1. I need apple pie, or something with apples in it. I would love to be a part of your discussion.

  2. So are we discussing recipes or just apples???

  3. You guys are driving me NUTS.


    Watch the video. PAY ATTENTION.


  4. I'm on and ready to go. Teaching English is cool! I do however, feel overwhelmed at times.

  5. You going nuts? I thought I added a post, it didn't post, I created yet another new password and WROTE IT DOWN and taped it to the inside of my desk drawer like I do for my kids who can't remember their locker combos, What video? I need some differentiated instruction! I'm not quite sure that I'm OK with teaching 1 credit English courses for a number of years, but am not considered able to create my own curriculum in order to meet the individual goals that are established in the IEP. Is that because sp ed has never been included in any curricular considerations.

  6. Nancy, I can't do a darn thing about curriculum, but I am trying to make sure that you are included in every way I can.

  7. I know and I thank you for it. Just venting due to overwhelmedness!

  8. If you watch the video you will laugh and feel better!

  9. Nancy, you are always welcomed to vent to the English dept.We know what an awesome job you do downstairs. Keep the faith baby !!!

  10. Okay so now that we are finished discussing apple pie, whales and curriculum...what do all of those things have in common???
    A serious question... has anyone had a huge amount of success using literature circles?

  11. Also... what is the most powerful, unique poetry activity you have experienced or taught...
    looking for new ideas...